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4 Practices for a Healthy Liver According to Ayurveda

4 Practices for a Healthy Liver According to Ayurveda

The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself. It is also the biggest secretory organ in the body and sometimes it is also called the main motor of the body. The liver has many necessary functions in digestion, metabolism, and detoxification. It eradicates toxins from rasa dhatu (plasma) and purifies rakta dhatu (blood). The liver also builds and perspires bile, which further helps in recapitulating fatty acids for appropriate digestion.

According to Ayurveda, the liver is the center of pitta dosha. The metabolism and digestion in the body are maintained by different types of digestive enzymes. So in short, the liver is a vigorous organ, and that is why anything, which is hot, is not suitable for the liver. Even Vata and Kapha of liver inequalities manage to upset pitta and give rise to toxin build-up in the liver and thereby affecting its functioning. So, maintaining an eye out for these types of inequalities, and handling them early on, inherently helps to safeguard the fitness of the liver.

4 practices for healthy liver -

Pitta soothing diet

Because pitta is so near connected to the liver, a pitta-pacifying diet is going to sustain liver health and purification. Therefore, incorporating bitter-tasting and cooling foods like amla, cucumber, and karela into your diet will be helpful for you. Underestimate the intake of salty, sour, and pungent (spicy) foods. Go for ghee in comparison to oils and fats. Green leafy vegetables, beetroots, and carrots are also acceptable for the liver.

Infusion of detoxifying fluids

When you become dehydrated, the blood becomes more viscous and your liver is accountable for purifying blood and the thickness can affect its capability to detoxify. Therefore, keep drinking sufficient water every day. You can also make a detox tea for the liver at home by cooking a pinch of turmeric powder in a cup of water for a few minutes.

Retaining a healthy weight

Possessing a healthy weight can take you a long way in keeping the liver healthy and free from fat residues. Obesity or even just being overweight puts you at risk of acquiring a non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder. Therefore, exercising regularly is important to not only strengthen weight but to keep up your metabolism levels and other body processes.

Emotional hygiene

The liver is believed to be the center of emotions. These imbalanced sentiments are an indication of imbalanced pitta in the body. The liver is also associated with the health fuller expressions of pitta like power, boldness, confidence, and happiness. Therefore, it is essential to feel and believe all of your emotions to assure their entire release and common practice of meditation, pranayama, and yoga to control the stress and anxiety of daily life from taking their load on your liver.


Besides delivering these practices, Ayurveda also delivers herbal support for liver purification. You can try Amritaya Smoothlax Capsules from Ayurheals. Because it helps you to get healthy digestive system and it contains Triphala, Amaitash, Erand Oil, Vidang, and many more ayurvedic ingredients which are really very helpful in curing the diseases which are related to liver and stomach. If you consume Amritaya Smoothlax Capsules daily before going to sleep or according to your physician, your metabolism and bowel movements would become better along with liver function. Besides, it also helps in blood cleansing and body detoxification.

There are also a lot of herbs and rasayanas in Ayurveda that soothe and vacate amassed toxins and heat from the body and detoxify the liver.

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