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Ayurvedic Tips for Maintaining Strong Bone Health

Ayurvedic Tips for Maintaining Strong Bone Health

Our bones shield our organs, help our body, hold important minerals, construct red and white blood cells, and release heavy metal poisons. If any of the nutrients required for bone turnover is lacking, they will begin to renounce density, often directing to osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, most people will not know they have imperfect bone density until they suffer a fracture from weakened bone tissue, which may result in regular pain.

Common reasons for bone loss are poor digestion, an assemblage of toxins, chronic rash, inadequate exercise, extra stress, consuming processed foods, nutritious shortages, and vulnerability to chemicals, drinking caffeine, alcohol, and smoking.

In Ayurveda, the loss of bone tissue is named Asthi Dhatu Kshaya and is driven by extra Vata and inadequate digestion.

Excess Vata may direct by a lack of nutrients in the bone, so the tissue does not have the construction blocks required to create strength and flexibility. Poor digestion directs to inflammation which additionally weakens the bone.

How to Strengthen Your Bone Health

Choose Fresh Foods:

Selecting mostly plant-based, organically grown, and minimally processed foods will give you the nutrients required for reconstructing healthful tissues. Favor a grounding and heating Vata-pacifying diet. Making food with seasonings like ginger, cumin, cinnamon, and herbs also adds the required nutrients. Ignore using strong flavors. Incorporate good fats, and high-quality olive oil.

Healthful Gut and Strong Digestion

A healthy gut and strong Agni are necessary to sufficiently immerse and incorporate the nutrients required while not adding to the toxic load. Digestion can be maintained by eating only when hungry, chewing food entirely, and drinking very little liquids during feasts. Adding a few fermented foods every day will also keep a healthy gut.

Lifestyle Tips

  • Your body can either be in a condition of pressure or a state of recovery. Chronic pressure uses more resources than the body can supply leading to issues like bone loss. Handling stress is one of the most important ways to maintain bones. Making meditation and mindfulness a part of your everyday life is essential to your health.
  • Exercise will not only ease stress but is important for building and supporting bones. Find styles that you want so you are more likely to enclose them in your daily life.
  • Possibly a walk in the morning and yoga in the afternoon may work for you. Weight-bearing exercise is essential (such as walking uphill) to question the bones to grow more powerful.
  • Oil Massage has many advantages, most of all for pacifying Vata, relieving stress, and nurturing your whole system. It is best to give yourself an oil massage at least once a week but daily is even more useful for you. Ayurheals presents many amazing medicinal oils to use and especially help to lower Vata and nurture your bones.


Fortunately, Ayurveda offers many opportunities for maintaining bone, controlling bone loss, and keeping the building of new bone. In Ayurveda, Ayurheals has brought many medicines by which you can get relief from bone-related problems. You can buy Amritaya Sandhishri capsules and intake them by taking physicians advice. The use of these capsules can reduce the rate of stiffness and make our bones strong and you can also use our Sandhishri oil for massaging purpose it is also very beneficial for our bones.

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