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Ayurvedic Tips to Improve Mental Health

Ayurvedic Tips to Improve Mental Health

Stress, tension, worry, anxiety, and depression. How often have you encountered someone not mentioning any of these words? Hardly any! Mental health problems are a serious concern in today's era. With the kind of job we do, the environment we live in, and new diseases on the rise every now and then, it is extremely hard to remain sane.Deteriorating mental health compromises one's immune system and digestion. Losing focus and concentration, forgetting things, and being angry and agitated all the time are a few challenges faced with poor mental health. Uncountable effects are there on the body if you’re mentally and psychologically not healthy.Mental health in Ayurveda is defined as a balance of the three doshas. Any imbalance can cause disease. Vata imbalance cause stress and anxiety, pitta imbalance cause anger and agitation, and Kapha imbalance cause depression.Likewise, there are three qualities or attributes of our brain (gunas). Gunas or shareerik gunas (pertaining to the body) are qualities of the human body. They are of three types. Sattva is the state of optimal mental health, where the other three attributes are subdued. Rajas make you ambitious and restless, whereas the other attributes are, suppressed, tamas is the steam of lethargy and dullness. The imbalance of these can cause mental health issues and interfere with daily life activities.

Ayurvedic tips to improve mental health

Ayurveda focuses on increasing sattva via many yogic postures, pranayama, and diets, that help tackle mental disorders.Special herbs are helpful in preventing and restoring ideal mental capabilities.Given below are a few Ayurvedic tips to improve mental health

1) Yoga:

Yoga and breathing exercises help in dealing with anxiety and depression. It balances doshas, with can be even seasonal. Identify and acknowledge your type of dosha profile and later work on that to maintain the mental balance, which can help in preventing psychological disorders.

2) Sattvik food:

Improving sattva to maintain and enhance your mental health is easy with the right type of food. Sattvik or positive pranic food like fresh fruits and vegetables, fewer spices, less oily and fried, whole grains and lentils, seasonal fruits and veggies, can increase the sattva quality in you and therefore help in balancing your mental health. Having the correct type of food, uplift your mood and hence, balances imbalanced doshas.

3) Mind-body cleansing practices:

Abhayanga or self abhayanga(massaging), nasya( oil and herbs subjected to nostril), shirodhara(pouring warm oil on the forehead), are therapeutic cleansing practices, which relax the brain and the body. It helps in overcoming stress, tension, and anxiety.Another self-cleaning practice is to stay connected with nature. Nature is a natural healer. Allow it to heal you.

4) Immunity and digestion:

Our digestive system has the power to digest even the hardest of substances. But poor digestion can be a cause of many dozens of diseases. Our 70% of immunity comes from our gut. Keep good care of our digestion and hence improve immunity and therefore keep our mental health to the point. There are many herbs and yogas to keep our digestion healthy. Like, amla, triphla, isabgool and anulom vilon, kapalbhati, bhramri.

5) Herbs:

These herbs and their concoctions are famously used as local prophylaxis or preventive medication, to treat psychological disorders and to boost immunity. They are called Medhya Rasayana or Brain tonics, which help rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul and increase our Ojas (vital energy that rules our strength, immunity, and happiness) Low Ojas make you feel dull, low, and sad and health suffers.

  1. Guduchi or Amruth
  2. Brahmi
  3. Yashtimadhu
  4. Amalaki
  5. Ashwagandha
  6. Holy Basil
  7. Guggulu
  8. Brahmi Ghrita
  9. Kalyanaka Ghrita
  10. Chyawanprash
  11. Manasamitra Vatakam

To sum up

Tension and worry are here to stay. But what we should know is, how to tackle it and overcome it. How to not let it come near us or overrule us. Taking care of your mind-body-soul is a self-care practice that shouldn't be ignored and should be performed from time to time. It increases Ojas and sattva. Keep track of your vata dosha, keep it grounded. Follow preventive yoga, abhyanga, or medicinal herbs to help prevent the very onset of any disease and problems.Ayurheals help you with every herbal medication at the best price. Best ayurvedic store near me!

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