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Ayurvedic Way to Fight with Spondylosis Cervical

Ayurvedic Way to Fight with Spondylosis Cervical

Spondylosis, also known as cervical osteoarthritis is generated due to the deterioration of bones and discs. Mostly it impacts mid-aged adults due to a lack of calcium or less bone density. It is called Greeva Graham in Ayurveda, it is often caused due to the accumulation in Vata dosha or decline in Kapha. It would be right to point out that at this point body tissues deteriorate with growth in Vata and likewise the breakdown of softening effect between the bone joints can be associated with a decline in Kapha.

What causes Greeva Graham?

Like any other disease, the causes of Greeva Graham can be easily attributed to three factors:

  1. Improper diet - Intake of dry food, junk food, aerated drinks, and spicy foods
  2. Unhealthy habit - Stressful exercise controls, sleeping during the day and awakening at night, rugged walks, or weight relevancy.
  3. Psychological issues - Stress, regular outbreaks of anger, sorrow, and fear, and suppression of urges

Symptoms of Greeva Graham

We all guess spondylosis to be linked only with an unbendable and painful neck. But many patients undergo muscular cramps, fatigue, headache, ache in the shoulder and arms, and losing balance.

Treatment methods

While it is true that gentle attacks of Greeva Graham can minister through traditional methods, it is very much essential to experience a complete method of ayurvedic treatment to get full comfort from this illness. As Ayurveda is well-known for delivering complete relief from the illness, the treatment is generally based on a blend of these methods:


To strengthen inter-vertebral disk space, medicines made with the help of the herbs such as Shallaki, Guggul, Sonth, Ashwagandha, and Nirgundi. You can order medicine related to these from They sell Amritaya Sandhishri which includes all the qualities and herbs in one place.

Some benefits of Amritaya Sandhishri Capsules are :

  • Helps in Joints pain
  • Useful in Sciatica, arthritis, Spondylitis, Osteoarthritis
  • Reduces Mortality & Stiffness

You can buy it today if you are suffering from Joints pain. It is a unique combination that helps in restores joints health and flexibility.

Panchakarma treatment

To grease the backbone and thereby accomplish the removal of immobility, Panchakarma treatment is highly suggested by physicians. As Panchakarma is very efficient for most diseases, the results of this therapy deliver extra benefits.

Greeva Basti, Patra Pottali, and Swedhana are some of the Panchakarma processes that are usually deployed to furnish good results.

  • Greeva Basti: Sticking patches of black gram paste with drugged oils such as Balaashwagandhadi oil at the back of the neck.
  • Patra Pottali: Rubbing with a cloth that is filled with fried fresh plant leaves and immersed in warm anesthetized oil
  • Swedhana: Sweat-inducing treatment to restore the inequality of vata and kapha dosha.

Massage treatment sessions

To ease pain from the neck area with the help of drugged oils.

Diet control

To assist the treatment of Greeva Graham, ayurvedic physicians always recommend a healthy diet that includes red rice, milk, ghee, warm water, and butter.

Yoga practice

Again, to encourage quick results of the treatment, specific yoga poses such as Sukha Asana are also recommended by physicians who offer cervical spondylosis treatment.


In short, ayurveda delivers complete treatment for spondylosis and guarantees flawless recovery. You can go find the medicines correlated to it on

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