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How to solve Inflammation after eating food?

How to solve Inflammation after eating food?

Each Dosha exists in the body with one principal quality of its own and it also transmits another quality with one of the other two Doshas. Pitta is known to be a fire in the body but lives in the form of water or oil. When it is demonstrated that it exists as water or oil, it is primarily in the form of acid since it cannot live in the body like fire.

Pitta is physical energy that is liquid since it incorporates characteristics of fire and water. This Dosha controls digestion, metabolism, and modification in the body. Pitta Dosha is the most desirable Dosha since it is linked with fire. The outcome of Pitta on the body is to boost heat.

This directs to inflammation, anger, heat build-up in the body, and many other signs.

Signs of Excess Pitta:

When Pitta Dosha is vitiated, it leads to extra Pitta in the body. This gives elevation to Pitham signs that can influence health. Some of the signs of extra Pitta in the body are:

  • Heat increases in the body and generates distress.
  • Inflammation is the body that can result in joint pain.
  • Stomach heat rises to direct to heartburn, acid reflux, and ulcers.
  • Diarrhea, constipation, or deformed digestion.

Causes of Excess Pitta

There are miscellaneous reasons why Pitta can rise in the body. This includes:

  • An inappropriate diet where food that grows Pitta is eaten.
  • Vulnerability to chemicals and other toxins.
  • Spending too much time in the sun/heat.
  • Stress and tension cause extreme emotional explosions.
  • Pushing oneself through overwork with a shortage of proper rest.
  • Ingesting too many stimuli like coffee, tea, alcohol, and nicotine.

Diet to Reduce Pitta

To lower Pitta is to execute a range of standards including lifestyle transformations, herbal therapies, and dietary changes. Diet is the main answer to the question of how to manage Pitta. Some of the dietary tips to help lower Pitta are:

  • Enclose foods that can soothe Pitta. Food that is bitter, astringent, and sweet are contraries that help soothes Pitta.
  • Grains like oats, quinoa, rice, wheat, and pasta can be incorporated into the diet.
  • Legumes, including lentils, split peas, soybeans, black beans, and white beans can be ingested.
  • Ignore heavy foods and preferably take light food that is easy to digest and does not overburden the digestive system.

Herbs to Ease Pitta

There are many home treatments for Pitham Dosha inequality. They include herbs that are useful in rectifying Pitta inequality. Herbal Pitta home remedies are the answer to the question of how to lower Pitta instantly.

Amla is one of the best Pitta home treatments. It helps to purify Pitta from the digestive system. Amla can be consumed as a fruit or you can also take Amritaya Smoothlax Capsules from Ayurheals which can be taken as a medicine to reduce Pitta.

Amritaya Smoothlax Capsules is an ayurvedic medicine to flourish the digestive system and relives constipation with the benefit of Loknath Ras.

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