Dhootapapeshwar Swamala

Dhootapapeshwar Swamala

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7 reviews for Dhootapapeshwar Swamala

  1. Sagar soni

    I have been using Dhootpapeshwar chawanprash since last three month and order this one from Ayurheals because they are the king in best price. The order I get is very good in condition and the quality of the product is same as we bought from the medical.. so my fear for ordering from online is gone now. I will give 5star to this product and it’s very good in taste and good for family usage.


    I am using this since one year. I like this for its healthy properties, taste and good packing. It’s value for money. My entire family members likes it.

  3. मनोज शर्मा

    स्वामला च्वनप्राश धूतपापेश्वर का बहुत ही अच्छी व सर्वश्रेष्ठ औषधि का काम करता है ।

  4. Prasannawakhare

    Dhootpapeshwar all products are worth buying. First our family doctor suggested this product then we started buying other products of this company and they all are best quality products.

  5. Gurcharan Singh

    The Best Immunity Booster, Strength Enhancer due to Gold enrichment, full of Vitamin C as it is made of Amla, It cured my Uric Acid too. Absolute Magical . I’m 64, taking regularly, I feel it has kept me at bay from Cholesterol, Diabetes too. Its my assessment that Swamala is GOOD for all ages and thanks to ayurheals too because for best price offering.

  6. Maharukh

    It’s the best product and I have been consuming it since over 20 years. Taste is also good and not too sweet. They use honey instead of sugar. Am a loyal customer for Swamala. I have recommended it to many people and they have also got great benefit. I have even gifted Swamala to make of my friends and Relatives.

  7. Nandan

    Bought this for first time. I always have Baidyanath Kesari Kalp and it is fabulous. This Chywanprash looked suspicious and inferior. Seal was intact but upon opening found top layer was slightly hardened. Then mixed it all with big spoon and tasted some. It was granular and not pasty. Those granules were soft and i was surprised that it was not paste like. It seems some of the ingredients had dried off leaving the mixture weird. I am taking this issue with company. This is not acceptable and won’t consume this at all. Overall sub par product and waste of money. .


    I am updating this review after 4 weeks. I complained to the company.. They sent a person to my house and collected the bottle. Replaced the same after 4 weeks. Here are the observations:

    Product was in sealed bottle. The product is first rate and absolutely superb. This is one of the best Chywanprash in the market. The texture was perfect and taste was terrific. I will recommend this product. I think it is better than Kesari Kalp. Although Kesari Kalp by Baidyanath is also excellent. Overall satisfied and hence 5 stars instead of 1 star before. Thanks Ayurheals for best price offering and for services after sales.

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