Hamdard Habb-E-Amber Momyaee

Hamdard Habb-E-Amber Momyaee


Hamdard Habb-E-Amber Momyaee

Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee Capsule is highly effective in the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction. It is a potent medication to boost male libido, sex drive, erectile dysfunction, male infertility and impotence, and sexual desire. It has been clinically proven to be a safe and effective treatment option, with no reported side effects. It's the perfect natural supplement for men to enhance their sexual health and overall wellbeing.


Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee Capsules contain 100% natural ingredients, eliminating toxins and boosting immunity for improved wellbeing. After one month of use, users may regulate cholesterol levels, increase interest in life. The capsules can also alleviate sexual weakness during coitus and manage lack of interest after intercourse. An effective aphrodisiac, these capsules are free from added scents or chemicals, making it a safe choice.


  • Asphaltum Purified
  • Bambusa arundinacea
  • Pistacia lentiscus
  • Salvia haematodes

How to Use

  • Hamdard Habbe Amber Momyaee Capsule dosage is one capsule daily.
  • You may consume the pills during bedtime with 250 ml of milk.

(Note: This content is for informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult a healthcare provider before using any Products )

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