SMOOTHLEX capsule 30 capsule *2

420.00 360.00

an ayurvedic composition to flourish digesitive system and relieve constipation

  • 30 capsule *2


digestive system ,contipation and skin diaseas

each capsule contains:-

harad(terminila citrina ) fruit ext .   50 mg

nishoth(operculina turpethum)  root ext.  20 mg

pipla mool (piper longum)root ext  40 mg

triphala       fruit ext     70 mg

mulethi (glycyrrhiza glabra) root ext  30 mg

vading (emblica ribs )seed   40 mg

pipal (piper longum) fruit 45 mg

amaltash(cassica fitula) fruit    30 mg

chitrak (plumbgo zeylancia) root ext. 40 mg

yavakshar (postasi carbonas) alkali 50 mg

arand (ricinus communis) oil   10 mg

hing (fertula narthex)ext   5 mg

loknath ras     18 mg

sodium benzoate(preservative)    2.0 mg


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