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feet, pitta disorder, allergy and chronic fever.

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SUDDH Giloy Satwa Useful in burning sensation of hand and feet, pitta disorder, allergy, and chronic fever. Enhances the immunity of the body. In Ayurveda Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) or Guduchi is used in the preparation of various medicines and is known for it’s an aphrodisiac, immunostimulant, hepatoprotective, antioxidant, anticancer and ant diabetic actions. The stem of the plant are used fresh, dried in the treatment of fevers, diabetes, dyspepsia, jaundice, urinary problems, skin diseases, chronic diarrhea, dysentery heart diseases, leprosy, helminthiasis, rheumatoid arthritis.

suddh Giloy satwa is used for the treatment of fever any reason, swine flu, and any recurrent infection. Guduchi-satva is highly nutritive and digestive and used in many diseases.

Synonyms: Amrita Sat, Amrita Satva, Guruch Sat, Giloy Sat, Giloy Satva, Guduchi Sat, Guduchi Satwa

Main Indication: Tonic, ulcer, fever, low immunity, chronic diseases, etc.
Suitable for: Every one
Colour: Guduchi Satva is clear white like a conch shell (Shankhanibha).
Taste: Tasteless/No taste.
Odour: Not specific.
On touch: Smooth-amorphous powder.
Ingredients of SUDDH Giloy Satwa

Solid aqueous extract of Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.)

Preparation of Giloy Satva

The fresh Guduchi stems are taken and chopped into pieces of 1.5-2 inches having 1.6-2.0 cm diameter.
Ayurvedic Properties and Action


Rasa (taste on the tongue): Kashaya (Astringent), Katu (Pungent), Tikta (Bitter)
Guna (Pharmacological Action): Laghu (Light), Snigdha (Unctuous)
Virya (Action): Ushna (Heating)
Vipaka (transformed state after digestion): Madhura (Sweet)

It is a Katu Vipak herb. Vipak refers to post-digestive (effect after digestion/cooking of Rasa) effect of tastes after its mixing with digestive juices. the long-term effect of the herb. very interesting energetics. stringent, pungent, heating, sweet post-digestively.

Dosha effect:

Balances Vata-Pitta and Kapha, primarily reduces Vata and Pitta

Dhatu (tissue): Plasma, blood, muscle, fat, nerve, reproductive
Srotas (channel): Circulatory, digestive
Ayurvedic Action / Karma
Amapachana: Removing toxins.
Amavataghna: Reliever of gout/arthritis.
Ayushyaprada: Promotes life.
Balya: Increases strength.
Daahaprasamanam: Relieve burning sensation
Dipaniya: Increases appetite.
Jvarahara: Reduces fevers.
Medhya: Nerve Tonic.
Raktashodhana: Cleanses the blood.
Rasayani: Rejuvenate the cells and extend life.
Sandhaneeya: Promote the union of fractured or divided parts.
Shukrashodhana: Purifier of sperm.
Snehopayoga: Promote lubrication.
Stanyashodhana: Purify milk.
Triptighna: Destroy satisfaction. They remove the phlegm which causes a sense of satiety.
Trishnanigrahanam: Relieve thirst.
Vayasthaapana: Prevent the effects of age.
Biomedical Action
Anti-allergic: Prevents, or relieves an allergy.
Antibacterial: Active against bacteria.
Anti-hyperglycemic: Counteracting high levels of glucose in the blood.
Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.


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