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Kudos Teerax Gel Toothpaste

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What is Dental and Oral Care?

We have often come across so many people specially children who have cavity in their teeth. It might have happened with you too. Needless to say, the process of curing it is painful. That's why dental care and oral care become important for the people of every age group. How to do such care? Dental or oral care doesn't involve any expertise unless the case is severe. You can opt following things -

  • Brush your teeth twice in 24 hours for 2 minutes. Both in morning and right after dinner.
  • Even if you don't have any issues in your teeth, visit a doctor once a year atleast to get it checked.
  • Brushing your tongue also becomes important for oral hygiene.
  • Use dental floss or toothpick floss to regular clean your teeth.
  • If you're diabetic, control it as early as possible.
  • Visit a doctor if you see a sudden change in your taste and smell.

Here are a few Ayurvedic tips and traditional ways to keep away tooth decay!

  • Consuming tea and coffee first thing in the morning without brushing your teeth or cleaning your teeth, is a very prominent cause of dental problems does not only increases pitta those but also causes acidity and constipation
  • Drinking a glass of water with a few table spoon of honey, can work wonders for your teeth and immunity. It is a very mindful decision to replace your morning tea with this miraculous drink
  • Doing gargles after each meal for a couple of minutes and spitting it out keeps your teeth, gums and throat healthy. Include a pinch of common salt and you will never face bad breath, tooth decay and cold. Adding turmeric powder keeps dental caries, tooth pain and sensitivity and bleeding gums and at bay
  • Chewing on a clove after meals can act as mouth freshener and even maintains good dental hygiene
  • Avoid consuming sweets and sugar foods and rinse mouth before going to sleep.
  • In case of dental caries and tooth pain avoid hot spicy fried and sour foods

Ayurvedic Herbs for Dental and Oral Care

These Herbs work in mitigating pain and help reliving symptoms of tooth decay and prevention!

  • Cloves: Clove oil remedy has been used for centuries to cure tooth pain.
  • Herbal sticks: Herbal sticks such as Neem and Babool are known to fight tooth decay and and eliminates plaque layer
  • Amla: Amla power keeps gums string, healthy and germ-free.
  • Asafoetida: Asafoetida relives tooth ache and reduces inflammation.
  • Triphala Churna: Triphala Churna is the main ingredient of most tooth pastes, the help fight tooth problems

Healthy teeth and brushing routines can help prevent issues and promote good dental hygiene without having to visit a dental specialist or spend a tonne of money!

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