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Kids Care
Kids Immunity

Kids Immunity

Kids Bone Health

Kids Bone Health

Kids Mental Sharpness

Kids Mental Sharpness

Kids Dental Care

Kids Dental Care

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What are Kids Care?

The growth of a kid can only be determined by the proper care of the same. But how to perform proper care? Let's know here

  • Try to understand the behavior of your kid.
  • Make learning fun for them by introducing interesting games.
  • Teach them to wash their hands gently.
  • Vaccinate your children with all the needed vaccines.
  • Maintain hygiene in the entire house because children roam across the home.
  • Show affection to your child time and be a part of their company.
  • Feed your child foods apart from milk like fruits.
  • Never let your child stick to the phone only, increase their physical activities too.

Ayurvedic care for Infants and kids

  • For a newborn baby, massages with Ayurvedic oils promote healthy muscular growth, the development of natural health, immunity, flexibility, and good skin. A baby can be calmed, their sleep is improved, their digestion is helped, and their immune system is strengthened with a warm bath and a nice massage (Abhyanga Snana).
  • To safeguard the nursery, the soil, the air, and the space are cleansed using a combination of herbs, water, and sounds with a herbal blend that contains rakshoghna (insecticidal and anti-bacterial). To purify the air and space around the child and the mother, medical fumigation using high-quality medicinal dhoopan and cow dung without additional essential oils or scents is advised.
  • Visitors should be restricted to immediate family members with a positive attitude and good intentions for the next four months after the delivery. Following delivery, the mother and child should make an effort to stay inside because the body quickly develops immunity to germs and infectious agents.
  • According to Ayurveda, the two metals, gold and silver are very helpful for infants. The baby's skin below the waist region contains silver, which improves brain and eye development and cools the pitta in the genital region. Another metal used in significant amounts as "samskara" is gold. Ras, Rakta, and Medhya can all be improved by metal. Additionally, feeding the kid with silver and gold objects improves the diet.

Ayurveda has been a field of study for more than two millennia, giving treatments for ailments utilizing intricate herbal concoctions and particular diets. Speak with an Ayurveda specialist for individualized guidance if you want to learn more about how the practice can benefit you, your unborn child, and your pregnancy.

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