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What is Mind Care

Compromised mental health can adversely affect your daily activities. you lose focus and concentration and become forgetful about things. Taking care of your manas shastra or mental health is extremely important to prevent the deterioration of your mental abilities.

One must follow these mind self-care tips for a healthy functioning brain

  • Get proper sleep. An inadequate sleep cycle and poor sleep have negative effects on your brain.
  • Have nutritious food. Include satvic and positive pranic foods in your diet. It’ll help in elevating your energy and boost positive thoughts.
  • Stay away from bad and negative news, relationships, and psychological inputs. they increase Agni in the stomach and ama(toxins) in the body and cause many problems
  • Balance Your body’s dosha. Understand your body and acknowledge the symptoms your body is showing. Do yoga and pranayams to pacify your aggravated doshas.
  • Massage your body. therapeutic massage with coconut and sesame oil can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Abhayanga help in relaxing your body and soothes blood circulation.

These Ayurvedic herbs can relieve stress and help you unwind.

  • Ashwagandha: It enhances cortisol levels, improves cognitive function, and simultaneously lowers blood sugar. It improves your mood by encouraging healthy brain activity, which finally reduces your mood swings. This lessens the effects of despair and anxiety.
  • Brahmi: is a potent plant that can be used to cure serious mental illnesses as well as every day tensions. Brahmi contains a biochemical called bacosides that aids in the regeneration of brain tissue and improves memory, focus, and intelligence.
  • Giloy: It is quite effective in treating depression, and it also reduces stress and improves memory.
  • Hardi or Curcumin: aids in boosting blood flow and wards off cardiac problems. Additionally, it protects against mental illnesses like depression and Alzheimer's

These herbs are used to create ayurvedic medications that utilize the science of holistic treatment. This indicates that the person's issues are resolved gradually rather than showing short-term, transitory effects. An individual's chakras can be cleansed using Ayurveda. In the end, the sattvic attitude, purifying actions, and rejuvenating practices nurture the body and mind.

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